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educational assistance available to students, families, and schools.
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Since 2007, Peak has successfully prepared thousands of students for these exams and has developed the most comprehensive and effective test prep programs and materials available. Our instructors - who are 99th percentile test-takers - have the knowledge and skills to help your child achieve top scores! We offer a wide variety of options from which families can choose in order to prepare for these important tests:


At Peak, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide students toward the test that best matches their strengths. Based on consultation and analysis, we can recommend the right test and the most appropropriate and effective method of test preparation, saving you time, stress, and money. Call today for a free consultation.


ACT/SAT Baseline Analysis Program ($75)

  • One full-length proctored ACT or SAT
  • Test scoring and analysis
  • Free follow-up consultation
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Real Practice Exams

Peak utilizes real released and published practice ACT/SAT exams so students face real tests each time they practice. It is imperative that students learn to tackle real test questions, not mimics. Additionally, highly effective test-prep instruction requires that students sit for real, full-length proctored tests. After all, that’s exactly what they are going to have to do on test day. At Peak, students can sit for one of our many scheduled proctored exams throughout the year, or we are happy to schedule an individualized test day/time. 

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Diagnostic Tests

At Peak, we have created a set of proprietary diagnostic evaluations using real ACT/SAT exams that break down each question into a specific skill-type or concept. These diagnostics provide highly detailed, question-by-question, test analysis which identifies exactly where a students strengths and weaknesses lie. This allows students and instructors to focus their time and energy more efficiently and effectively


Individualized One-on-One Instruction

No method of test prep is more efficient and effective than one-on-one test prep with one of Peak’s top 1% test prep instructors. However, that does not necessarily mean one-on-one test prep is the best choice for every student. As a general rule, students who are scoring outside of the 50th to 75th percentiles are probably better off avoiding a group course and focussing on one-on-one support. However, that’s a general rule and not necessarily true for every student falling outside of that range. Peak’s free consultations and baseline test analyses will help you determine what type of test prep is best.

Offering the most comprehensive, highest quality educational assistance available to students, families, and schools.
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