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For those who’ve spent some time looking, you’ve probably noticed that not many organizations offer tutoring for Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) classes.  There’s a simple reason for this: it’s difficult.  AP and IB courses cover the highest level high school material possible (college level actually, as you know), so it’s not easy to find teachers who have the knowledge and skills to teach these courses.

We have highly qualified teachers on staff, including current and former AP/IB teachers, who are happy to share their expertise.  If you’re falling behind or need some extra help preparing for the exit exam, we’re here.

IB STUDENTS/PARENTS – We can also help you with

  • IA’s
  • Extended Essay
  • IB exams

We encourage all students/parents to learn more about our ACADEMIC COACHING to allow for a dual approach to improve success: content-based tutoring for the short term with academic skills coaching to help students succeed on their own in the long term.