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Madison Cohen

Madison Cohen

UNCW – Biology

Madison is currently in her final year of undergraduate studies at UNCW. She will be graduating with her BS in Biology and a double minor in Neuroscience and Chemistry. She worked in UNCW’s virology lab, where she studied the effects of Equine Herpes Virus 1 on destroying glioblastoma brain cancer cells. She plans on continuing her education after graduation by attending medical school with a focus in family medicine. Helping people has always been Madison’s goal and is the reason she started at Peak. Madison began tutoring in her junior year of high school, starting with earth science and cell biology. Before graduating she became president of her school’s science club and helped establish a peer-tutoring program. Madison continued tutoring in college, helping her sorority sisters and classmates in classes like cell biology, biology of life and diversity, and anatomy 1 and 2. She aims to make a difference in the life of her students by strengthening their academic confidence and building their knowledge base so they can reach their goals.