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What services do you offer?
We provide one on one and small group tutoring for virtually all subjects and all ages, from elementary education up through adults returning to school.  We also provide test prep tutoring for major standardized tests like the ACT, SAT and private school entrance exams.  Our academic coaching and Study Lab services have become central to our work as well, with more and more students utilizing these services to help them maintain organization, improve planning and time management, learn study skills, improve note taking, increase utilization and comprehension from textbooks and other resources, and more. Long story short, we provide a plethora of educational services, so contact us today to find out how we can help your child.

How do I get started?
We start every family off with a free initial consultation with one of our directors. During this meeting, you have the opportunity to explain your needs in detail, giving us a clear idea of exactly why you’re reaching out regarding our services. Based on this information, we develop a learning plan and outline a set of service options available to meet your educational goals. Unlike many other organizations, we develop a unique learning plan for each individual student. Just give us a call or send an email to get started.

What are your rates?
Our rates vary depending on the services you choose to utilize.  We proudly pay our teachers the highest pay-rates in the industry relative to what we charge customers, meaning more of your money goes directly to the teacher working with your child.  Despite this, we are still able to provide our services at rates that are competitive with, or lower than, many other tutoring organizations.  Call or schedule a free initial consultation with one of our directors to find out more.

How qualified are your teachers?
The fact that we often turn away potential teachers that have experience working with other well known tutoring organizations says it all.  Our hiring standards are the highest in the industry, resulting in the strongest staff of teachers and coaches available.  Furthermore, every teacher must take an extensive, formal assessment in order to teach any given subject, as well as undergo training prior to working with students.  We are extremely proud of our excellent staff of teachers.

Do we have to sign up for a long-term program or for a certain minimum number of hours of services?
No.  Our services are provided a la carte; all services can be modified or terminated as needed.

How long will it take to meet our academic goals?
Since our approach to each student is unique, the length of time students spend with Peak varies considerably.  The time required to reach our academic goals also depends on which services are chosen and utilized.  ACT test prep, for example, usually involves an average of about 15-20 hours of tutoring time (if no class is attended, about half that if you take one of our classes).  Writing a great college essay may only take 2-4 total hours of tutoring.  Academic coaching, however, typically requires more extensive time than content tutoring, often at least a semester or more.  For content tutoring and academic coaching, our ultimate goal for every student is to teach him the skills and material needed to succeed on his own.  Most families that have achieved their goals choose to stop services at the end of a semester, as that is simply a good stopping point.  Others families choose to continue services for the remainder of the school year.

How often do meetings take place and for how long?
Most meetings for secondary students are scheduled for 1.5 hours, and those for elementary students are 1 hour.  Typically, we start students off with 2 meetings per week; however, students sometimes require more intensive help resulting in more frequent meetings.  For example, secondary students that join Peak in the middle of a semester with a low C or lower in one or more classes may require 3 meetings per week at first.  As students progress and improve, the weekly frequency of meetings is reduced until no further meetings are needed.

When are your services available?
The majority of our services are available 7 days/week, 24 hours/day assuming a teacher is available to meet.  Although services are available Fri and Sat, as well as during the school day, most families choose to take advantage of services Sun-Thurs in the afternoons/evenings.

Do you come to our home or do we come to you?
Because the space at our learning center is often the most effective teaching environment for students, most families choose to come to one of our three convenient locations.  However, a teacher or coach can come to your home (or other requested location) as well (this typically involves an additional cost of 15 minutes of tutoring time per visit).  Allowing for even greater convenience, our services are also available online!  Provided through Google and utilizing live audio AND live video, your child can meet face to face with one of our teachers/coaches in real time, and without the commute.  For online tutoring, a parent doesn’t even have to be home for sessions to take place.  While you’re finishing work for the day, your child can be at home working one on one with one of our teachers.  Or, you can mix these services together as needed, choosing to meet in person for some meetings, and online for others.  It’s simply a matter of which options are most convenient for you.

Do you offer any guarantees?
Of course we cannot guarantee straight A’s, perfect test scores, or admissions to your number one college pick.  What we can, and will, guarantee is that we will work hard to provide the highest quality services possible.  We truly care about what we do and your child’s success.  Although unhappy families are very rare, if you ever have any issues/frustrations with your experience with Peak, simply call one of our directors and we will make things right.  Period.

How does payment work?
There are three convenient payment options.  Option 1 –provide Peak with credit card information (all major cards accepted) and we automatically bill your card each Friday.  Option 2 –provide a voided check and we directly withdraw funds from your account each Friday.  Option 3 – prepay in cash or check in the amount of $750.00 and we deduct from this amount each Friday (you must simply maintain a minimum balance above $0.00 each week, and any funds not used once services are completed are returned to you).  Regardless of which option chosen, you receive an itemized, detailed invoice each Friday outlining services rendered for that week.