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Empowered Parenting

While our academic coaching service works directly with students to help them understand and develop effective study skills and habits such that they can develop into self-regulated learners, our empowered parenting service works directly with parents to support the growth of their students and to reduce conflict surrounding school and academics. Within just a few sessions, empowered parents can begin to implement practical and effective academic strategies and solutions at home. The result is improved student self-regulation and success and a decrease in school-related conflict and family stress.

• Create an effective in-home learning environment
• Reduce distractions
• Decrease negative school-related interactions between child and parents
• Increase student confidence and interest in school and learning
• Effectively manage technology and social media
• Increase child self-regulation and independence
• Improve parent-child communication
• Set realistic and healthy expectations and goals
• Create appropriate boundaries
• Improve understanding of expectations between parent and child

The goal of empowered parenting is to help parents and children develop the skills and understanding necessary for healthy, happy, and productive relationships, habits, and home lives in regard to school and learning. Over time, we help parents to guide their children toward developing into independent, confident, self-regulated and successful learners.