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Devon Dodd

Devon Dodd

BS Professional Chemistry (ACS Certified)-Arkansas Tech University
PhD Inorganic Chemistry-Washington State University (In Progress)

An Arkansas native, Devon graduated in 2013 with his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Arkansas Tech University. In his third year of his undergraduate career, he developed an interest in nuclear chemistry and decided to move out west to continue his education in graduate school at Washington State University. He is currently concluding his research dissertation for his Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry. Devon began teaching first as an undergraduate teaching assistant for chemistry laboratories in the summer of 2011, but later he was elected as the sole chemistry tutor by the faculty for his senior year (tutoring students from general chemistry through advanced college courses). During his graduate tenure in Washington, Devon continued to cultivate his teaching experience as a chemistry TA. He is familiar with instructing students in multiple settings including one-on-one sessions, small classroom periods(20-30 students), and large class reviews for exams (up to 100 or more students). He is comfortable with not only traditional pedagogies but more student oriented teaching methods including the flipped classroom and POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning). In his free time, Devon enjoys going to the dog park with his two dogs and his girlfriend and playing a game of pickleball as often as possible.