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Test Prep Classes and Practice Exams


Registration – Currently, our Wilmington learning center is offering one-on-one test prep instruction only.

These classes are the perfect way to get the ball rolling on test prep for the ACT and SAT.  Start with 10 hours of small group instruction (class sizes 16 students or less) with an experienced and engaging teacher during which you will learn all of the key strategies and information for each of the different sections as well as essay writing instruction. You will also learn how to properly pace yourself through each test section, one of the most important skills needed to do well, and you will have multiple chances for practice questions in each section. Classes are conveniently held over one weekend with several weekends from which to choose – Tuition $299 plus $50 for two guidebooks (yours to keep) – cost includes a FREE proctored practice exam. Let our test prep experts and the most trusted tutoring organization in the area help you achieve top test scores.

Winter/Spring ACT/SAT Test Prep

Class Details:

  • Full review of all key strategies for each test section
  • In depth essay writing instruction
  • Detailed and effective pacing strategies for all sections and essay
  • Multiple opportunities for timed practice for each section
  • 10 hours of small group instruction
  • Only $299 (includes FREE proctored exam) plus $50 for books
  • One weekend per class: Fri (4-7), Sat and Sun (9-12:30)

Practice Tests: We also offer multiple opportunities to take full length, proctored ACT practice tests.  These practice tests are an invaluable tool and we encourage students to take full advantage of them.  Cost is $49.

Advantages to Peak proctored exams

  • Real ACT tests written by ACT, Inc.
  • Scores provided within 24 hours (2-6 weeks for national tests)
  • Test booklet provided with each test (for free) so students can review missed  problems (available on only a few national dates at an extra cost)
  • Test scores are 100% private
  • Cost is lower than national tests (only $49)

Class and Practice Test Schedule – currently, our Wilmington learning center is offering one-on-one test prep instruction only.

PLEASE NOTE – these 10 hour classes are meant to be the beginning of a student’s preparation for the tests; they are not meant to be the only preparation endeavored by a student.  Although we expect students that only take one of these 10 hour classes to see improvements in their scores, we strongly recommend students continue their preparation, either individually with one of our teachers (we will use the class experience and information about the student to develop an individual curriculum) or on their own using the prep books provided from the class.