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Don’t take OUR word for it; listen to what our clients say about us.  These are just a few of the comments we regularly receive from parents and students.  Note – these are unsolicited notes of thanks received via email, letter and text message.

You are a life saver for us.  I’m so glad the L’s found you and told us about your company.  If you ever need a reference for work with parents or with other counselors in other schools, I’m the person! ~ MC (school counselor)
M is doing a great job of keeping A focused and motivated.  A is getting used to working on schedule/ahead of schedule and is very excited to be up to date on her schoolwork.  A looks forward to their tutoring sessions, which says a lot!  ~ ME (parent)
I am completely confident that this will be the best grade that I have EVER gotten on a chem (Chemistry) test.  ~ RW (student)
K came this evening and J loved her.  I think she will be a wonderful help and she seems so knowledgeable!  I really enjoyed her as well.  Thank you so much.  ~MF (parent)

J did just fine on her finals.  This semester she seems to have a better handle on keeping up, and even getting ahead.  That has earned her extra credit already in English.  Thanks for all of your help, I know it has helped her in many ways.  ~ CS (parent)
We’re very happy and thank you very much for everything – your tutoring made a difference!! ~ BG (parent)
PS – R has done extraordinarily well in math this year.  Her average for the fall exceeded 100%.  The work with S really helped get her what she needed.  ~ BS (parent)
Working with you made a HUGE difference for A.  ~ JS (parent)
Thank you so much for all of your help this fall . . . .  you’ve been terrific partners!  ~ KT (parent)
Thanks J.  D is great, we will recommend him to all of our friends.  ~ CS (parent)
Has anyone told you that you rock!  ~ CW (parent)
I just wanted you to know that after you left we had an extremely great night with C.  He fought a bit on math, but did work hard.  He then rocked on his science.  I challenged him to finish an entire page in 30 minutes and he did it all including reading [a] PowerPoint from [his] teacher . . . in less than 15 minutes. ~ PH (parent)
O seems to be a changed person.  This morning she was reviewing her grades and noting missing assignments! ~ DP (parent)
Thank you for helping Y with his AP Biology exam.  He got a 5.  ~ SH (parent)
You’ve got something magical with T and can really get her to open up about school.  ~ SV (parent)
Have a great day tomorrow!  We’re thankful for you. ~ sent by CS (parent) the day before Thanksgiving.
Just thought I’d let you know that S got a 97% on her latest math test and has a A in math right now.  WOOT!!!! ~ LO (parent)
Thank you so much for your help.  Big difference for this exam.  I know I at least passed if not got a B.  So again thank you! ~ LP (student)
I am grateful for your support, and wherever they land with the upcoming ACT — I’m sure it will be better than w/o [without] your support.  In addition they are more focused for their junior year.  Thanks again for all you have done.  ~ JM (parent)
I thought your session yesterday was terrific!  O seemed excited about studying and has a great attitude.  Thank you.  ~DP (parent)
E is responding well to tutoring.  After meeting with you he had his best exam grade in Spanish.  Same thing happened in math!  ~ BF (parent)
M took the reading test last night and only missed four!  I am in awe of her transformation.  ~DM (parent)
Thanks for the great class!  I enjoyed learning new material and I feel more at ease going into chemistry class.  ~AM (student)
Thank you for all of your support to my girls and family.  ~ JM (parent)
I do not know words that can properly express my appreciation for the direction you have provided–and all with such amazing patience and understanding.  ~DH (parent)
Thanks for your great work with K.  She is thrilled and I am impressed.  ~MK (parent)
Thanks so much for all of your help!  E got a B in Chemistry and an A in Math.  Hurray!  ~SS
Thanks for the tutoring.  You helped a lot and I learned a lot!  ~ DH (student)
Thank you for all you do.  It is much appreciated.  ~ LG (parent)
Thanks to you, J pulled his grade up to a C.  Importantly, he says he feels like he understands Chemistry!  ~DH (parent)
Working with A has made a huge difference.  P got a 93% on his most recent test!  ~HM (parent)
K. got an 81 on the chem final!!! Hurray!!! Thank you!! She is ecstatic, and we are so grateful for all your help!  ~DG (parent)
Thanks so much.  L is here right now.  He has such a nice way with J. ~ KT (parent)
I got an A in history . . . .  I am soooooooooooo excited 🙂  ~MM (student)
I can’t tell you how much E. has helped me, and I probably wouldn’t have made it through the class without his help.  Thank you very  much for being so quick to set me up with tutoring, and I will definitely recommend your company to anyone I know looking for tutoring.  ~HM (student)
This morning I found J. practicing aloud for his French oral test and I just about passed out!  I asked how he thinks he will do and he said, “I already know it (the material)–I just thought I’d go over it just in case.” WOW!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!  ~DH (parent)
I am so pleased with the progress you have made with O.  It exceeds my expectations.  ~DP (parent)